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Database in the cloud

In January this year (2010), I blogged about how nice it would be to have database in the cloud. That blog entry was inspired by what Marc Benioff was doing at Apparently, he was loads of miles ahead of my thought. has released is a database running solely off the cloud. […]

Time to upgrade internet protocols

The world has changed since 9/11 but why should the internet remain the same? Apparently I’m not talking about the development of internet technologies that have grown in leaps albeit the buzz word Web 2.0 is on its way out. I am taking about the basic internet protocols. A 328-page report was recently released in […]

Akin goes to school

Akin goes to school is a legendary Nigerian novel read by all in the 70s and 80s. It told the story of a young lad who went to school and became successful despite the hardship of life. The biggest lesson for me wasn’t how he overcame his adversity but the importance of education. Sometimes when […]

Comparison of electricity tariffs in other countries

The following table shows the price of electricity per Kilowatt Hour across different countries. This should serve as a quick reference to what other guys like us pay in these countries. Country $/KwH N/KwH Kingdom of Tonga 0.4570 68.55 Denmark 0.4289 64.34 Italy 0.3723 55.85 Netherlands 0.3470 52.05 Germany 0.3066 45.99 Philippines 0.2880 43.20 Sweden […]

Coldfusion stores Data source definitions here

Coldfusion server reinstallation or cloning is a common scenario however if your server is the type with multiple data sources, recreating those DSNs could be hell on earth – especially when you have a world cup match to watch. All you need do is back-up of CFROOTruntimebinneo-datasources.xml. This XML file is where CF stores the data […]

Questions for Brian Greene

I recently bought the Elegant Universe, a great book by Brian Greene. He tried his very best to distil String Theory and other mad cap science into what an average Joe could understand. I understand (well, I think I do) what he wrote but I have more questions than answers so I did what should […]

Digging Deep

The world is currently faced with energy challenges: oil reserves are being depleted at an unprecedented rate and depending on which statistic you use, we could run out of gas (literally) within the next 100 years. Renewable sources are not enough or difficult to harness. Nuclear power is extremely tricky to play with and the […]

Behavioral finance and the science of voodoo

I just had some argument with a PhD researcher about the value of behavioral models over the up-till-now traditional financial modeling. You see, behavioral finance is a growing field of financial science and came into prominence after the last catastrophic implosion of the global financial market. Obviously some greedy folks went berserk and all the […]

The economy of enforcement

Lagos is a mad place. Chaos incorporated. Although that isn’t enough to make me do the Andrew Method (run away) . Apart from security and electricity, traffic is the biggest problem we have. It takes X number of hours to move from point A to B. I know that LASTMA was created to solve this […]

Will the database move into the cloud?

In 1999 when senior vice president Marc Benioff left Oracle to create, many thought he was headed for a cliff at full steam but 10 years down the line, software as a service (SaaS) is a matured business model. Online productivity applications have joined the fray and are maturing at a brisk pace (Say […]