Yet another dawg out of the street

Long time friend, Japin Honeysett, finally summoned courage by taking his long time girlfriend, Sewe (some Tivish name, don’t ask me what it means) to the altar. Japin is really brave because he crossed many oceans (Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Japin is half british half somewhere in the Pacific ocean) and rivers (Rivers Niger and Benue) to hook up with this lovely damsel. You can see the pictures on Flickr. How I became Japin’s friend is a long story but the short version is that we share a common friend, Atoo Tilley-Gyado. Atoo was my first friend to get married and rumor has it that he’s gotten 6 babies now! May the living Lord bless the union with as many bambinos as possible. Amen.


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