You won’t live forever. But can sort out your afterlife

On the long run, we would all be dead; a reality nobody can dodge. Considering that the grim reaper doesn’t usually do RSVP, what does it take to prevent the yam-pepper-scatter-scatter that often comes when someone dies all because there is no will left behind to take care of things.

Trust me, if you have ever gone through a probate process before, you (especially if you are a young wife) would want to kill that careless and unthoughtful dead husband again. It’s stressful enough to kill.

Of course, the reasons why people run away from having a will are many. Chief among them is “God will protect me.” Here’s the bad news; you can’t cheat death and you will die like everyone else. Even if you eat healthily, live in a gym, wash your hand every time you shake someone, and you don’t fly to Unilag without an umbrella, death is certain.

Another reason is the hassle of working with a lawyer. The average Nigerian doesn’t have a lawyer or think she needs one.

Here’s where comes in. If you have 15 minutes to spare and for a token, you can create your will online and protect your little kids’ future. Don’t ever think your sisters or brothers are nice, if and when you die, they would probably kick your kids’ asses out on the curb. (maybe not, my siblings are from heaven!).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you enough.

*Disclosure. The founder of is family and this is what we do for each other.

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