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Nigerian news on my mobile, anyone?

Last Sunday I was on the road and like I do every Lord 's Day, I wanted to catch-up with Simon Kolawole Live! on Thisday but I couldn't because isn't formatted to be displayed suitably on a mobile device. If I zoom up to what my ageing eyes could read properly, the pages extend […]

The voodoo of informed predictions

This morning I got a mail from a well-regarded source about the likely outcome of the bi-monthly Monetary Policy Committee (The MPC is a committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria) meeting coming up later in the day. The source argued that the MPR, LR and CRR would probably be left at 7.5%, 30% and […]

Interesting bits on Nigerian governors

If you take a look at the current lineup of governors (those staying and new ones) you would say that education in Nigeria is about to be rescued from doldrums. That's only if you look at the lineup. Whether education would be granted a lifeline is a waiting game. And by the way, patience is […]

Let there be light

In Genesis 1:3, God said, let there be light and there was light. And guess what, that light has been on for the past billions of years since creation. It runs on nuclear fusion but that is by the way. What is actually on my mind has to do with Nigeria. The presidential election results have […]

Core banking software in Nigeria

It wasn't long ago that Nigeria had a gazillion banks but one and half banking consolidations later, we are down to about 24. By the time the other half of the new consolidation is concluded, we might be left with about 15 or so but until then fingers are crossed. While the banks that survived […]

Will Amazon eat Google's lunch?

There has been a lot of news lately in the Android camp and they have ranged from the good to the bad. Nothing ugly yet. Let's start with the bad. Google was forced to come out to defend its decision not to open up the Honeycomb version of the hugely successful Android mobile OS immediately. […]

Samsung's Central Station wireless monitor

Samsung is up to some pretty neat stuffs these days. Apart from the incredible Galaxy series of phones and tablets, they just released a wireless monitor for the European market. Yeah, you got me right, a wireless monitor. It shouldn't be a big deal but I wonder why it hasn't become mainstream. Look at it, […]

Laptops, why they all stay the same

Apart from the processor war of attrition between Intel and AMD, it seems every OEM has abandoned the laptop market to jump into the tablet war zone. Every iPad[2] wannabe touts some very decent specs: As of February 2011 dual core Tegra 2/Qualcomm SnapDragon with 1Gb RAM is standard. But for the laptops? Safe for […]

CDMA, going going gone?

The last few days have seen some rumblings in the telecoms sector in Nigeria. News (234Next | Thisday | Business Day) had it that Telkom is thinking of pulling out of Multilinks, a CDMA operator, or has even left (depends on who you ask) because its investment has gone down the flush bowl. That wasn’t […]

Bummer by Midsummer?

How does it feel, as the CEO of a company, when another company associates with you and everyone screams, losers? That shouldnt be too far from the disgust Steve Ballmer must have felt skipping back to Seattle this evening. Today, Nokia finally let the cat of the bag, announcing the hook-up with Redmond but the […]