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Online Banking without Offline Annoyance

The drumbeat for payments and all things digital has been beating loud and long (and annoying, almost like a banshee!). At face value, this seems to be one thing customers and banks can agree about. Banks don’t want customers in the branches anymore (because it cost more to serve them in-branch) and customers don’t even […]

Getting them high: Challenges of onboarding customers to digital services

Digital services, which include cards, online banking, mobile apps for finances, USSD for transferring money you don’t have, etc., are essential services. In fact, financial inclusion has been elevated to the level of fundamental human rights. However, unlike things we derive joy from using – Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, to mention a few, digital services are […]

Kennedy Uzoka is Nigeria’s coolest bank CEO

Kennedy Uzoka, UBA’s Group Managing Director, is the savviest bank CEO in Nigeria, as far as social media is concerned. Or so says an informal study by me. He loves social media and practically hangs out there. While he won’t be allowed into the YMCA, he probably knows a thing or two about where and […]

5 things you don’t know about Nigerian ATMs

Just a few years ago, we practically begged people to use ATMs instead of queuing up at the banking counters but at least that has changed. But then the change came with friends, family and other random people asking me random questions why they can’t brew a nice cup of coffee at the ATM. Some […]

The stone the builders rejected – RIP Mohammed Ali

As a kid, I used to have a t-shirt with Mohammed Ali on it and I loved it so much until my rotund stomach couldn’t fit in anymore. Growing up, I was regaled with different stories of Ali by my grandmother who felt there wasn’t any greater boxer than he was. Even when Mike Tyson […]

Base64 in Microsoft SQL

Base64 encoding is a Swiss Army knife function for every programmer but somehow not readily available in Microsoft SQL Server. Or that’s what everyone thinks. Apparently it has been hiding in MS SQL since 2005 release. So recently while searching for a working solution, I found a something workable at this blog post and then used that […]

Para-addiction is the excuse for my love handles!

Addiction kills. Slower than a speeding bullet but not less painful. I usually talk about tech, science and other random financial stuff but then I’m free to rant about anything I want, don’t i? So here’s the gist for today – I’m looking for a very good excuse for not hitting the gym or scorching […]

God Took His Angel Away

September 28, 2009 my dad quietly left me behind to be with the Lord. I took comfort in my mum. An angel in flesh. No one ever had a bad word to say about her. Stern and born a head mistress but she had love thoroughly coursing through her veins, dishing help left right and […]

Genome on demand

The human genome was cracked some years ago by some mad hat scientists. That adventure took about 10 years although the completed map took another 3 years to show up. Guess what, same hack would take just a week if we are doing it today. That was in 2000. Using the same extrapolation, your genome […]

Introduction to fuel subsidy

Found the most interesting calculations about this fuel subsidy brouhaha at ( Quite a read.