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God Took His Angel Away

On September 28, 2009, my dad quietly left me behind to be with the Lord. I took comfort in my mum. An angel in flesh.No one ever had a bad word to say about her. Stern and born a headmistress, but she had love thoroughly coursing through her veins, dishing help left, right, and center.She […]

Genome on demand

The human genome was cracked some years ago by some mad hat scientists. That adventure took about 10 years although the completed map took another 3 years to show up. Guess what, same hack would take just a week if we are doing it today. That was in 2000. Using the same extrapolation, your genome […]

Introduction to fuel subsidy

Found the most interesting calculations about this fuel subsidy brouhaha at ( Quite a read.

Download Nigerian Stock Exchange Historical Stock Price Dataset

Some months ago I was trying to do some data analysis on historical equity data with Geek Impressario, Femi Aluko, but we practically ran into brick walls: no data. There wasn’t any easy place to get daily prices in one single place. I turned to a friend who had one but then due to some […]

Microsoft, you've got to be kidding me!

Microsoft launched a website,, to score browsers on security, which is a good thing. Thereafter they lost their ways: IE 9 is scored 4 out of 4 – which I don’t have an issue with, Chrome 14 is scored 2.5/5 and Firefox 7 scores 2. Now I’m getting very suspicious. Then IE 6 scores […]