Never fly on budget

Is this the new age wisdom? Well I didnt know until I found out the hard way. I had a precious one week in between two jobs and I felt like making the best out of it. The best in this situation was running away from everything. You know, the calls, emails, bla bla bla.So I decided to go and hang out with the Queen. At least, I figured out that the cost of international phone calls should make some people lose the ideas of calling me up.

Unfortunately, my pockets got some rather deep potholes which were making flying on the regular airlines look like a colored elephant project. I remembered a rumor that Afriqiyah could almost get you to London for free on the agreement that you must pay homage to Gadaffi.

So off I went to Keffi Street and got myself a ticket to London for N61K. Good bargain. They even told me it takes just 8 hours (as opposed to the 6 hours of virgin, hmmm).

The d-day came and once I found myself on that plane, I knew I made a terrible mistake. The plane was one of those miserable small Airbus A320. The hostesses were super crappy, no blanket, no in-flight entertainment. And we listened to larubawa music all the way to the land of Gadaffi.

Instead of the 8 hours, it took forever to get to London. In fact, next time am short on cash, I would rather ride a donkey than fly Afriqiyah.

Coming back, however, was a more pleasant experience and it took half of forever to get to Naija. I met some funny characters on the plane. It was kind of fun.