What manner of legacy

When Obasanjo was sworn-in in May 1999 he promised to uphold the constitution. Of course, those of us who have been in this country since the last 7 years know he has done everything apart from standing strong for the laws he promised to defend.While he has disobeyed almost every court order which is bad enough. What is most rankling to me has been his tacit support for the flagrant abuse of constitution by the different state houses of assembly. We all know most of those Govs were hiding behind one-finger-immunity but like the law states, it is better to let a criminal go free than punish an innocent person needlessly. It would have been far better for Baba Iyabo to stand and defend the constitution than let this demonically motivated assembly men destroy this country.

It all started with Alamieyeseigha where 15 members, instead of 16, were able to carry out an impeachment. As if that wasnt bad enough, the President supported the Ibadan warlords to remove Ladoja and he was so quick to recognize the impostor general, Alao-Akala as the new Gov.

Now, what is my gripe? I know am pretty angry with the direction in which Baba Iyabo is taking but you know the truth, I really pity him. I pity him because after all these gra gra, after hes left the government and hes rubbished his legacy, he would try so hard to explain his part. He would desire so strongly that he be seen as an elder state man. And it would be too late. At that time, money would not buy the respect he would covert. His so called loyalist would abandon him. You never know, Ribadu might even come back to investigate him. Nigeria is a country of many wonders!

Look at Babangida. He desperately wants to come back, not because of anything but because he wants to be seen as a good person. No one reckons with him. No one cares about him (apart from few ass lickers). Hes trying all his best to be relevant but to no avail. Have you guys forgotten about Jakande and Ebenezer Babatope? Kingibe just came out of hibernation to contest for presidency but if your guess is as good as mine, he aint going nowhere. Same thing will happen to Bayo Ojo. I dont know why the NBA hasnt sacked that man. Hes a disgrace to the law profession.

My prayer is that we will overcome. We overcame Babangida. We overcame Abacha. We shall overcome Baba Iyabo.

Make your vote count

The voters’ registration exercise has been on for a while now. Even though the project has been fraught with a lot of Nigerian factor, there have been strong clamors from different angles for all of us to register. At least, if we don’t vote, we can’t get the right people in.

My pastor topped it up in church yesterday that not only should we vote good people in, we should also vote bad people out. And the list of bad people is so long you will need a taxi to get to the end of it.  For more information, visit www.projectvotenigeria.org