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What’s killing financial inclusion in Nigeria?

No scholar worth his salt would denigrate his study in the first line, or on any other line for that matter. However, listen carefully, take what I’m going to say below with a pinch of salt as it’s based on armchair projections. But then who cares? We are quite a lot in Nigeria, or so […]

Short scalpel cut to immortality

I’m assured of immortality. Ok, if you think my religious inclination has changed, maybe not that fast but then why die, hoping for heaven when I can simply stroll over to the General Hospital Ikeja and get a body swap? And when I have used that up, I can come back for another as long […]

A Gangsta Approach to Cashless

I really don’t know any other trick left in CBN’s bag that hasn’t been used to cajole the rest of us into the nirvana of cashless life. But Nigerians love the hard ways or how would you describe hauling cash around, endangering lives and limbs when the price of prosthetics are at all-time high? A […]

Legacy of marketing

It’s amazing how a new entrant into a market sector touts it’s freshness and new ideas and best ways of doing things while dodging the mistakes of the so called dinosaurs. Fast forward few years, if the dude hasn’t died (mortality of startups is so high it makes Somalia a relatively decent country), it then […]