Monthly Archives August 2005

Flash forms and how not to upgrade CFMX7

When the honchos at work decided to put some business processes on the intranet, I felt it was the best time to start putting flash forms to it’s paces. Process automation could be fiendishly difficult with so much validations. I hardly use javascript because some dude could have its browser saying capital NO. And server […]

Leveraging on the Active Directory Infrastructure: Base/Foundation Services

Since we have decided to use the AD as the user management foundation for the different web applications running on the network, it’s now so easy to write applications without worry. But won’t it be nice for users to login on one application and remain in session across multiple applications just like you have on […]

I guess am back…

Had to take a quick vacation to rest some parts of my aching body. It was really fun running away from work and getting paid for doing so.

Dreamweaver 8 is out

Macromedia just released Studio 8, which includes the much loved/hated Dreamweaver. For me, the coolest additions are the XML and the zoom tools. Go to Macromedia to read more.

How Mozzies Affect Projects

If you think only tech issues, budget, (nasty) bosses, etc can derail a beautiful projects, think otherwise. A nastier determinant is the Mozzy. Mozzies are simply mosquitoes, especially the ravenous types, who think we human beings are the most delicious things walking on two legs. Get any of these dudes to bite a key guy […]