Monthly Archives January 2007

The agony of dude with a beer gut

it ain’t everyday you get to be called a dude and when you manage to be called one, you want to hold on fast like a leech to that even if the desperate talons of old age is fast clutching at your throat. So you can imagine the shock of a self confessed dude who […]

Firefox 3 Features

Firefox 2 is hardly sitting tight before the pretty boys at Mozilla started building the third iteration of the best browser in the world (sulk if you like!). You can read about some of the interesting features here.

Adobe RIA Conference in Nigeria

At last, the RIA beam has been focused on Nigeria. The Nigerian Adobe User Group would be doing an RIA conference to discuss and showcase what we Nigerian’s got to offer. ColdFusion and Flex are going to get serious scrutiny. I also heard that some bits of Apollo would be revealed. The conference would be […]

Dara is one year old!

It was just like yesterday that Dara (my daughter) literarily popped out into this mad mad world; and she's been a bundle of joy ever since. And today marks her first year on planet earth. It's been fun all the way. I remember when I was so impatient that she wasn't walking on time, now […]