Monthly Archives October 2011

Download Nigerian Stock Exchange Historical Stock Price Dataset

Some months ago I was trying to do some data analysis on historical equity data with Geek Impressario, Femi Aluko, but we practically ran into brick walls: no data. There wasn’t any easy place to get daily prices in one single place. I turned to a friend who had one but then due to some […]

Microsoft, you've got to be kidding me!

Microsoft launched a website,, to score browsers on security, which is a good thing. Thereafter they lost their ways: IE 9 is scored 4 out of 4 – which I don’t have an issue with, Chrome 14 is scored 2.5/5 and Firefox 7 scores 2. Now I’m getting very suspicious. Then IE 6 scores […]

Power supply so good; and then so bad

I don't know if it's just my end alone but of recent the electricity supply from PHCN has been pretty good. In fact too good to be true. But who can satisfy Nigerians? Trust that I still need to gripe about it. Why? Well, it is a bit complicated. I use a prepaid meter and […]