BroApp Makes Love Perfect!

I dreamed about it, talked about it. Well, it’s here. You know dreams can come true sometimes.

Introducing the BroApp – an app that takes the pain out of dating or relationship, especially when you are into a pesky, attention hungry woman. I’m not a misogynist (far from it!) but some ladies need more attention than a tropical plant grown in the Appalachian Trail.

Of course some men need attention too – constantly badgering their women with needy calls and SMS. They cry like ninnies.

So BroApp is here to help – configure it and it constantly send messages to your significant self (or their assistants, he he he). But it is smarter than just that. It knows when you are at your GF’s place, so it keeps quiet. Doesn’t send any message when you have recently sent one and it is super hidden on your phone. Still wondering what it does if you hang out on a weekend trip with your babe and then it sends that darn message! The Lord have mercy on your soul.
Before you head to the pantry to grab your nail and hammer to hang me on a rusty cross, why can’t we use technology to better a frosty relationship? After all, we all use Skype to get in touch. I hate the damn thing!

I can imagine the revulsion of my friends about this. After all, I have gotten almost slapped for suggesting artificial womb, bionic eyes, etc. But the no one ever thinks it is strange flying in a plane. Some say that if God wanted abc, he would have done xyz. Meanwhile, why wasn’t anyone born with a radio chip implanted?

So let technology or apps like BroApp flourish so the average Joe like me could focus on more interesting things.

Execution is Everything

Execution trumps strategy. Fancy plans mean nothing without disciplined implementation. Discover why in this insightful blog post.

Strategy is everything. Or maybe strategy is nothing. Nobody ever becomes anything just by thinking about it. Same way companies that rely on fancy strategies from expensive over creamed consultants never get any where.
What’s the rant?

Watch the insane video on this link and you understand:

Execution is everything.
I have studied countless organizations and the biggest problem I see isn’t lack of strategy or smart guys but just lack of execution. It isn’t even lack of process or policy documents. It’s the lack of discipline to follow one.
A poor process well followed is way better than a good one not adhere to.
Two Ferraris backing each other with a link chain between them can rev as high as they want; A stupid snail will blaze past them.