Nokia Caller ID Bug

This would never happen to a lot of people but if know two guys having almost the same number, your Nokia phone might mix their names up.I got to know about this from where I worked before; we got two phones from two different networks. Both phones had the last 7 digits same. I was using one of the phones but if the other fella using the second phone calls some people I know, my name shows up on their Nokia phones. I have tried to see if same things applies on Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, bla bla but it looks like it is Nokia’s cross for now. Obviously, it is matching the last 7 digits.

Now, on my E90, if I dial a number say 08031234567 which doesn’t exist it shows the name of Mr. Jones with number 08021234567 who is a contact on my phone.

Crazy isn’t it?