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Despite stringent regulations on crypto, the show will go on

This week, two Nigerian banks began blocking the accounts of individuals trading crypto and the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges. It followed regulation from the Central Bank of Nigeria banning the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. It sent crypto exchanges like BuyCoins, Luno, Quidax, etc., which have become immensely popular in Nigeria, into a […]

Using Open APIs To Drive Financial Inclusion via Credit Scoring Built on Telecoms Data

Adedeji Olowe, Open Banking Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria James Kunle Olorundare, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Abuja, Nigeria Temitope Phillips, Lendsqr, Lagos, Nigeria Financial exclusion remains a significant challenge in developing economies. It has been shown that access to credit facilities is a strong predictor of financial inclusion. Credit reporting and scoring remain effective tools for both […]