Beanz Chopaz drops a baby gurl

News from the grapevine just reported that the Chief Genter of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Ademola Ogunmiloro, just dropped a bouncing baby girl. Consequently, the CGF has declared 7 days of unlimited washing in celebrating the good news. The rest of the beanz chopaz are particularly happy that the efforts of the CGF has not been in vain. God bless the baby!

Nokia E70 at last

I have been patiently waiting for this phone since it was announced in October 2005. I was using 6820 previously but when the dude decided to take an early trip to the graves, I opted to wait for the E70. I ran through a motley of some temporary phones while steadfastly waiting for this beauty. Now that I have it, am in nirvana. E70 is a cool business phone with 3G and WI-FI support and a slew of other terrific feature. goes live

Christian author and banker, Dupe Olorunjo, has launched a new book and a brand new website to showcase her spiritointellectual efforts. The website, along with a brand new book, The Aireginan Dream, were launched yesterday, September 10th, 2006 at the Muson Center in Lagos Island.The dream book is a must read. Very interesting futuristic writeup about the way Nigeria could leap ahead. The website also has some complimentary downloads along with a blog about her works.

Election 2007: Lessons to learn from others

Super geek Pierce Omidyar ain’t only about the web. In his article back in 2004, he outlined why candidates running for elective posts should make sure their votes are well counted. The same can’t be truer for the elections coming up in 2007. Candidates should have volunteers who would be at every polling booths to tally the votes as they are being counted. That is another good way to counter rigging in the next general elections.At least, with wide spread usage of GSM, it cost absolutely next to nothing to send election results via SMS to a central place that is collating as INEC is doing its own. In fact, once everybody knows that everybody is following the count, the brazen attitude of rigging and substitution would be curtailed. A word is enough for the wise.