Goodbye Hard drives but I won’t miss you

I just read an article where experts said price of SSD will continue to fall. Sincerely that’s the most stupid statement I have read in months. It’s like saying the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

SSD, which is an acronym for Solid State Drive, is basically a bigger USB drive shoehorned into the size of hard disks so they can fit into the same compartment. It’s a means of deceiving computers that they are HDDs but just magically faster. You can read more about SSD here.

I use a Dell Latitude E6540 and a MacBook Pro (which has refused to leave its original packing, tear nylon!). The Dell is one dog of a laptop. It’s big, ugly, heavy and very slow. I was almost gearing to use it as a self-defense tool when I finally got an epiphany that maybe the hard drive may be begging to retire. So I got a Samsung (or was it San Disk) SSD and plopped it in. Whoa, never seen such a transformation. Oh, yes, it’s still big, ugly as sin and very heavy but slow isn’t a word to describe it. After all, a pig with a lipstick is still a pig, albeit a pretty one.

Enough of my katzenjammer!

I have become an unrepentant evangelist of SSDs. I now approve it as replacement drives for my colleagues because, ding dong, it’s affordable. At the last check, a 240GB SSD cost around N35K.

Now for those who have some interest in electronics, trended over a period of time, the price of devices is always inversely proportional to the performance. If this law holds true, SSD will get cheaper and cheaper until it finally supplants hard drives. I have watched this trend for a while and if things go at the rate it’s going, then by 2018, hard drives may become what people do – drive hard!
However other schools of thought think that SSD may never catch up with HDDs in performance but I know that as long as the price is reasonable, the performance of SSD will always bitch slap HDDs any day or time.

So far the consumer SSDs have been coming in the HDD form factor but why should it? New computers are going on sale with SSDs soldered directly on the motherboards which is giving rise to skinnier and sexier laptops.
And it doesn’t stop there.

The IDE and SATA interfaces are hogs, slow and annoying. A prehistoric interface protocol. So guys at FusionIO turned everything on its head – they started putting storage on the PCIe bus, right within server innards. The benefit is that the processor can reach the drive as fast as it could reach the memory. The devices are not for small children though – a typical 2.4Tb bundle will set you back about $28,000. With that kind of price, I will rather save my documents within 2B exercise books.

Back to saner shores.

SSD can transform performance of anyone. It could mean the difference between a good day or a bad one. So let’s do it!

WhatsApp will eat MTN’s dinner

I visited WhatsApp, a close friend, last weekend and I saw him preparing for a large party but the interesting bit’s that he’s gonna serve MTN’s dinner to his other many friends.

Ok, that’s some unwitty joke but hey, I hope you caught the drift.
Some events over the last few months have shown me that the next 2 years may be quite scary for MTN and its colleagues. When you are making $2.6B profit a year, you may feel like part of the Greek gods just don’t forget Nokia and Blackberry.

International Calls Made Easy with WhatsApp

I get to do some travels once in a while. Roaming your phone can be a dog of an activity as it could be so expensive. Before you call me cheap, just imagine what N80 per SMS in Ethiopia means to someone who has never been a minister of petroleum. Rebtel has been a good companion over the years but sometimes the call quality can be very bad. At first I thought maybe because it’s VOIP but then calls to other countries were clear and never cut off. Apparently it seems our Telcos route their roaming calls through some Pentium PCs. You can’t be too sure of these things. My visit to some roaming-charge-friendly countries finally convinced me that our Telcos are rats.
Then WhatsApp call came along.

I didn’t know how good it was until when someone called me on it and I forgot that it was a WhatsApp call. It was clear and best of all free! Nowadays it has become my default calling mode whenever I hop on a metal bird out of the madness of Lasgidi

Local Calls Made Easy with WhatsApp

One of my annoying colleagues has an annoying habit of calling me annoyingly on WhatsApp. Until, wait, the calls are clear! I mean as bad as the Nigeria data network is, the calls are as clear as normal calls and best part, absolutely free!

The Hungry Future

  • What if the WhatsApp call catches on like Blackberry in Nigeria and everyone defaults to it?
  • What if WhatsApp creates a local gateway that allows termination of normal voice calls?
  • What if MTN’s voice income bottoms out?

Some Annoying Things about WhatsApp

Back to your desks, brethren!