Monthly Archives May 2006

Baby Olamide is Born

My friends (Lekan 'Sully' Sule and his wife, Madam Sule) just dropped a bouncing baby boy. He's named Olamide Olalekan-Sule. Many congrats to the family. Meanwhile, Madam Sule has been clamoring for Olamide to marry my baby girl. I am sad to say, however, that that would be very difficult to do. You know what? […]

Single Row Bug on Linked DB2

I don’t know how I could describe the frustration I have passed through when a linked DB2 server on MS SQL started returning 1 single row using the openquery syntax. After trolling on the net for days, I finally found a solution at

The New Adobe Website

At last, was finally collapsed into Adobe. There is now a brand new website. Or what people think is a brand new website. Because IMHO, the site was just a jazzed up I hope Adobe will take care of us like Macromedia used to.