JustNaija is down again

Wannabe gossip and chat website, justnaija.com is down again for the umpteenth time. The issue this time around is that even though the home page works, you can’t view threads.JustNaija is the answer to the undemocractic gulag of Nairaland. It was founded by some disgruntled citizens who decided to exile when the tyrannical behavious of Seun Osewa (The Demi God at Nairaland) couldn’t be tolerated anymore. Not everyone that left went to JustNaija, some folks like me simply died and went to heaven (though the obituary was mercilessly yanked from the Nairaland notice boardsg).

Anyway, back to my rantings. JustNaija came but what I noticed is that it just keeps going down every now and then. And as a friendly ghost, I need to let them know that they can’t pull crowd with such erratic behavior. In fairness to Nairaland, it is fairly pretty stable despite the fact that is almost 200 times bigger than JustNaija. May be it is teething problem. May be it is not.