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Nigerian House of Confusion

HOUSE OF REPS FUEL SUBSIDY PROBE: Farouk Lawan: What is Nigeria’s daily fuel consumption? Diezani: 52million Liters NNPC: 35m liters DPR: 43m liters PPPRA: 24M liters Okonjo: 40M liters Farouk Lawan: What was the subsidy for 2011? Dieziani: 1.4Trillion Okonjo: 1.3Trillion CBN: 1.7Trillion Farouk Lawan: Can we have the KPMG REPORT? Okonjo: I have to […]

Introduction to Government Budgeting

The recently (and sadly) aborted subsidy strike has brought to fore how expensive (or is it wasteful) our government is – check this out: Government is budgeting for the following: PURCHASE OF COMPUTER & ACCESSORIES: (I). 90 HP DESKTOPS @ N300,000 = N27,000,000; (II). 20 HP PRINTERS @ N150,000 =N3,000,000; (III). 60 NOS. UPS @ […]

Genome on demand

The human genome was cracked some years ago by some mad hat scientists. That adventure took about 10 years although the completed map took another 3 years to show up. Guess what, same hack would take just a week if we are doing it today. That was in 2000. Using the same extrapolation, your genome […]

Introduction to fuel subsidy

Found the most interesting calculations about this fuel subsidy brouhaha at ( Quite a read.

Subsidy Removal: Comparison of Gasoline Pump Price

Subsidy removal is the latest front burner of public discourse in Nigeria today and there is no shortage of facts to back either argument. Too bad many of these arguments ain’t backed by reality. I have mashed data from World Bank and CIA Fact book about the average price of a liter of gasoline across […]