CF8 Wish List

The ColdFusion 8th iteration is now hot on the cooker and everyone is wishing for this or that. For me, the following should be sorted out or included:

For the kind of work I do and for enterprise reporting, CFDOCUMENT is just too important but the present implementation is whacked from inside out. All the bugs should be squished and let’s get rolling. There should be more formats for the CFDOCUMENT. I suggest Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Better CFCHART
CF7 uses Green Point Webchart 5.0 Java Suite internal. Webchart has a whole lot more chart types that it makes CF’s own look like child’s play. New CFCHART should incorporate as many new types of charting components as possible. I mean, we need to impress some corporate dudes with fancy charts on the intranet portals.

Adobe should get Spry matured quickly and let’s get it plugged right into CF8. There is nothing sweeter than being able to create web 2.0 application straight out of the box. I know we have Flex, but some people will never use Flex or it might not be needed everywhere. .NET have been playing with Ajax since anyone can remember.

.NET Interface
I wouldnt mind to be able to use .NET components in CF8. If we could use JIntegral then to work with COM objects, why cant I use all those fancy .NET components too? I mean, who wouldnt want the best of both worlds.

Adeola Oladeji dropped a gurl!

One of my friends (Ade who got married last year, remember him?) just dropped a gurl this morning. Can you imagine that despite all the bragging, he could only do a gurl. I guess if he has 2 more daughters, the three of them then would be equivalent to a boy. Or is my maths too generous?

Anyway, big congrats to Ade Luv and Yetunde. Next month, Ade and I are going shopping for Pit Bulls and double barrel pump action guns…