Monthly Archives February 2015

The real independence is from PHCN

October 1 is regarded as our national independence day although I’m not so sure if we are really free. The British may have gone but PHCN is still around, in some transformed way. I was reading about the latest upset planned by Elon Musk and I had a good smile. Today, my day is made. […]

Aliens don’t have FM Radios

I’m up watching a BBC program about SETI with scientists hoping to have a tete a tete with some green monsters anytime soon. While I’m a tech buff yet I feel this may be worse than a search for an elephant with 10 legs. Aliens, if they exist, may not even have radio technologies; it […]

Microsoft is cool again

I may need to see a shrink because of my addiction to email. I bet I’m the only one in my circle who has ever paid for an email app on the phone. Who does that? Considering that I use Android where you could get everything and anything (didn’t say anyone) for free then you […]

Excellence is an OCD

Sometimes you don’t know where to draw the line between OCD and the strive for excellence. Maybe it doesn’t make any difference or does it? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is terrible and has made lives of millions a living hell. This is a just a comparison and in no way making light the suffering OCD patients […]