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What do Banks do with their Website?

Most companies in Nigeria are now embracing the internet – at least to put up what looks like websites. Banks have been here before others but I’m not sure if they all know what to do with it. In my spare time, I ranked all the banks and using the Alexa ranking. Alexa is an […]

The Beginning of New Things

Something magical happened last week – the average man on the street didn’t even notice or cared but then it would probably have more influence on the fortune of this country than anything else that ever happened to us. Well, GEJ didn’t resign – that’s too obvious. BH didn’t declare cease fire – that probably […]

This is what we call meaty progress

For example, in 1925, the average Tyson chicken lived approximately 112 days, weighed around 2.5 pounds at the time of slaughter, and had consumed about 4.7 pounds of grain per pound of its body weight. In 2010, the same chicken lived just 45 days, was slaughtered at an average weight of 5.63 pounds, and consumed […]

Crapware by another name is Blackberry Q10

I have nothing to say but that Blackberry Q10 is an absolute piece of crapware. How did I arrive at this point? Not so hard. Almost everything that  worked in the old BB has changed, almost no backward compatibility. Contact names no longer appear when called but for the most annoying one, the numbers for […]