Crapware by another name is Blackberry Q10

I have nothing to say but that Blackberry Q10 is an absolute piece of crapware.

How did I arrive at this point? Not so hard. Almost everything that  worked in the old BB has changed, almost no backward compatibility. Contact names no longer appear when called but for the most annoying one, the numbers for my contacts now get mixed up with others. Imagine calling Sade and it shows as Sola! When I want to call, I wouldn’t find a contact’s name unless I switch to Blackberry Balance to see the name on the work contact list but yet I can see the same name on text messaging. You can’t call a contact directly from the BBM Chat. The notes folder no longer synchronize to Documents.

Meanwhile, did anyone ever do quality assurance before unleashing this terrible but not cheap phone on the world? For a company like Blackberry, you would imagine that they would put in more than an extra effort to ensure that the basic features work. Maybe that is why they are where they are now. I wonder if the road for them is up or down.

But as for me, can’t wait to dump Blackberry forever.

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Author: Adedeji Olowe

Adedeji / a bunch of bananas ate a monkey /

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