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Fermi Paradox, Time Travel and my Non-Visiting Grand Children

Recently bored, I found myself reading about Fermi Paradox. You see, quite a lot of scientists believe that there are intelligent beings outside planet earth – we just need to fly out there and shake their hands, if they actually have hands that can be shaken. In fact, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence can trace […]

In 100 years, 9 women will deliver a child in a month

100 years ago was 1911 – life was hard (simple if you read the romantic part of history). Planes were still toys. There was no TV or X-Factor. Rick Dees wasn’t even born then. The concept of the connected meme was still 30+ years into the future. Kids born out of wedlock were called bastards […]

The Lord of Babel has a Graphene Microchip

The world will change and it would be in Graphene. I have known about this wonder material for years but no where has it been described better than this. Trust me, if we ever get this done – the world is going to end, what happened at Babel would be child’s play.

Cashless Nigeria by Force, by Fire!

I was recently reviewing a CBN report on Cashless Nigeria and it is scary to know that 65% of Cash in Circulation is outside the banking system. I guess everything the CBN can do to cajole those who have ecstasy at the sight of cash wouldn’t work. Time we did it differently. What will happen if […]