Monthly Archives April 2012

Gmail now 10GB

Gmail now offers free 10Gb of space. And 5Gb for documents and then another 5Gb for drive. Microsoft’s Skydrive is 25Gb for old customers and loads of other places to shutter dross. Some days  storage wouldn’t be measured anymore. Trust me, someone is going to try that soon.

Google Drive – Spanner thrown into cloud storage works

Google finally opened up the Google online storage locker today. Or was it the day before yesterday? But then who cares. All I know is that I now have 5GB of space on Google Docs to store as much dross as my heart desires. So what’s dropbox’s gonna do? Over the next few days, I […]

Getting online on shoestrings

There is no better time to get your business online than now. Nigeria is rapidly embracing the internet for business and if you have read the previous article on why you need get your business online, you would have known about the multitude of inherent benefits. Despite the opportunities, it still makes sense to proceed […]

Getting your business online

It would be interesting to know how most Nigerian businesses have survived without having websites so far. But then the reasons are not farfetched. Internet penetration in Nigeria used to be very low, so low that years before now the only way you could send an email, even business correspondences with sensitive information, would be […]

As she flew away, her wings whipped the air gently

She came on a quiet Sunday (May 19, 1946) but left on not such a quiet note. On April 7, 2012  DT Olowe was buried. A perfect example of what we should aspire to be. She flew away serenely, never to be seen again. As her wings whipped the air gently; we the kids were supported […]