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Friendship or Business: Madness Incorporated

Think about this: If our friendship kills my business, there won’t be friendship and I will be dead broke. But if my business kills our friendship, at least there would be some money to console me…

Global Challenges: Students Leaders not Left Out

The world is getting increasingly difficult to manage by the world leaders alone. I guess this is the drive of the organizers of the One World One Society conference taking place at the University of East London between 16th and 17th of November 2007. They want to show an international gathering of student leaders how […]

ColdFusion 8 and KTML

A recent upgrade of a CF7 to CF8 sent my blood temperature past the 100C redline when the editor of a content management system went belly up. The bug is a curious one: CF8 now has some new functions (filedelete, filecopy, filewrite, etc) which are in conflict with functions in the KTML for CF version. […]