Monthly Archives December 2006

The shorter the better

Can you imagine? I haven’t written a single technical article in months. The folks at CFDJ (I promised them heaven and earth) must be thinking of spilling my blood by now. And to make matters worse, am adding a short story section to my blog. What will you find there, true life stories, half truths […]

The Greatest Disappointment

A Yoruba adage made popular by the legendary singer, King Sunny Ade, says "Akinkaju t’o mo’ja ti’o mo’sa iru won ma’n b’ogun ibo mi lo ni". Meaning a good warrior knows when to advance and when to retreat. And a better warrior even knows whether to go to war or not. Now am talking about […]

NOSPETCO: A Classic Ponzi Scheme

I have always wanted to write about a classic Ponzi scheme that is making raves in Nigeria of recent but never got around to it until this afternoon when I read about what a like minded person wrote about it. This is the short take: There is a company in Nigeria, Nospetco, who takes a […]

Yet another dawg out of the street

Long time friend, Japin Honeysett, finally summoned courage by taking his long time girlfriend, Sewe (some Tivish name, don’t ask me what it means) to the altar. Japin is really brave because he crossed many oceans (Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Japin is half british half somewhere in the Pacific ocean) and rivers (Rivers Niger […]

What else can I ask for?

Sincerely, what else can one ask for except for a good wife? Unless you are related to the Dalai Lama, you have got to get married one of these days. For me, I have always seen marriage as an inevitable life sentence in which a jail break is not favorably viewed. So back in the […]