Monthly Archives January 2006

The Nairaland Phenomenon

It is unbelievable that this mega Nigerian online community has operated below most peoples radar for so long.  But for the more than twelve thousand Nairaland members, it is a towering monolith that keeps growing everyday.  Nairaland, an online forum for Nigerians founded by Nigerian webmaster Seun Osewa and could be found at who […]

BBC Versus CNN

Do you know that more people go to the BBC website than the CNN website? Interesting find out more at

This Guy is Insane

Someone toiled nights and day to write a lovely piece of blogging software (powering this website) and gave it out for free. Then another person woke up one day, stole the code and started reselling it as his own. What do you call such a person? A mad man. A donkey with 2 legs. The […]

Naming Baby Olowe

Today will mark the begining of a new life as my new baby girl gets a name. She was named Adeolu Oluwadarasimi Oluwabusolami Oreoluwa Oluwapelumi Oluwanifesimi Oluwato'oni Naomi Deji-Olowe. Pretty long name but you can be sure some will drop along the line. Expect the short name to be Deolu Dara Deji-Olowe.The day started as […]

The Gbenga Obasanjo Interview

nThat Gbenga Obasanjo has stirred up the hornet’s nest is no news but have you read the rest of the interviews? Just plain juicy. Read it all at The Nigerian Village.