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Security Web Applications

There is a great article on web security at ColdFusion Muse. This is part of a series of security articles you have got to read. I think it is best to secure out applications now before it gets too late. You never know when the hackers would strike.

Configuring DB2 (Legacy) as Linked Server on MS SQL

Like I have discussed before, I have been banging my head against the table (I mean it!) on a project I am working on presently. This project involves writing fancy reports against very nasty databases. One, they are as old as my late grandfather (the oldest among the two) and two, the data is all […]

Bug or Quirk: Error on CF Query of Queries

CF threw an error when I ran a query of queries (QoQ) on a recordset which has zone in it and I was using the column on a group by select (to gimmie summaries on a dashboard, you get it?). Is this a bug or quirk? “Query Of Queries syntax error. Encountered “zone. Incorrect Select […]

Oracle NVL equivalent on MS SQL

I have been an Oracle DB person for quite a while until my new job where we are running DB2 and MS SQL for the moment. Now, in Oracle, the NVL() function is a quick shortcut for series of nasty CASE THEN ELSE statements. Since the data am dealing with here is a little messy, […]

Honda Accords and their Nigerian pet names

While shopping for a new car recently, I was seriously considering a Honda Accord. What struck me however was the funny names Nigerians have given the different generations of Honda Accords.Third Generation Accord Code Name: Honda Pure Water Year of Manufature: 1986 – 1989 Fourth Generation Accord Code Name: Honda Ala Year of Manufacture: 1990 […]