Investor Delight

My long time friend, Ponle Holloway, just released a nifty tool to help those of us who have stock accounts scattered all over the place. It’s a website where you can register your stock portfolio and track the performance (or under performance if you are not the lucky type) of your stocks online.

The service is free and it even sends you a daily mail so you might not need to login again unless you want to add or remove entries from your portfolio.

You can give the website a try at

ColdFusion 8 Rocks!

ColdFusion 8 rocks and that is all I have been seeing and reading from the community. It seems am the only one left out (Duh!): I have been freaking busy. So busy that the Beta installer has been sitting on my test server and I have not even clicked on it once to install.

Once I’m through with my current assignments, there would be enough time to unleash the CF Dragon all over the place. I can’t wait to try out the new AJAX and PDF features to wow my colleagues and make their .NET codes look like a piece of wet and cold spaghetti.

Is this the way it will all end?

The get rich quick scheme is not native to Nigeria. Can we assume that the punishment for gullibility or greed would not skip the Nigerians that have thrown caution to the wind and want to reap where they haven’t sown. I don’t know and I don’t really care that much.

Just reading on BBC about the Ponzi scheme in Kenya and how some people have been cleaned out. Also, Central Bank of Nigeria just released a circular about the danger of the wonder banks but people are still pouring their hard earned money into this bottomless pits. I know some people will get paid but those who won’t will be the ones to suffer for this.

You can read the story here.