Akin goes to school

Akin goes to school is a legendary Nigerian novel read by all in the 70s and 80s. It told the story of a young lad who went to school and became successful despite the hardship of life.

The biggest lesson for me wasn’t how he overcame his adversity but the importance of education. Sometimes when you think you ‘ve had it all, it is time you rebooted.

I’ve worked for 9 years since I hung up my lab coat as an engineer, counting beans for 4 different financial institutions and at this time, all I want to do is kick back my chair and experience the thrill of learning again. I’m going back to my engineering roots to probably stick my fingers in some live wires and let some sparks fly. Ok, maybe something not as dangerous but let’s see what happens.

So I’m off work for 12 months and I’m going to let my hair grow long and wild. Gosh, freedom from the suit feels so great.