Monthly Archives May 2007

Pennywise HYIB: The king of Absurdity

Just last week, some dudes came to my office to offer the ever enticing money doubling schemes. I don’t think am being fair in calling Pennywise money doubling or S’ogun D’ogoji because man, Pennywise is something else! This is how it works. You give them a paltry N2,500 for a slot and over a period […]

Coldfusion Update Function

If you ever had gotten stuck with writing insert and update statement for a table with a zillion columns, you can understand my pain. And applications (most of them) must work with data. Select is cool, in fact, the dudes that crafted the SQL standards even created the almighty shortcut, *, which can select from […]

Error Selecting on AD Linked Server Columns

Looks like not all columns are born equal on Active Directory linked server on SQL Server. I have a pretty little view which initially was selecting just four columns (mail, samaccountname,company and displayname) from a linked AD on an SQL Server 2000. Trust me, there was a reason to add more columns to the view. […]