Monthly Archives February 2006

Today is my last day at Access Bank

Today marks my last day as an Access Bank employee. It’s been quite a trip.Jogging down memory lane, I came to Access Bank from Standard Trust Bank in August 2002. Spent 2 months at the training school where I met some of the craziest human beings. Surprisingly, some of those guys there are still my […]

Web 2.1

A crazy article about the new web. Time has come again for the old dudes to start looking for startup funds. Read it here:

Meebo keeps all IM in one place

Meebo is an AJAX on steroid web application that allows you to login to Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Jabber, GTalk and ICQ all at the same time without installing any desktop app. The startup is run by a dude and 2 babes (chikitos!). Check them out at

JComponents Downloads

Joe Rinehart of Clearsoftware has discountinued the download and support of the popular JComponents widgets. However, since I still have a recent download, I am making it available here for download. Please note that the components are free but not open source. Also, I will not be giving any form of support, so don’t ask […]

Obituary: Papa Has Gone Home

How things change so fast. Last month, 25th of January, I wrote about the Nairaland Phenomenon. It is so sad that few days later, the head nigger in-charge there developed a nasty and acute case of Megalomania. I have since dropped all associations with them. He has systematically deleted most of my posts. However, this […]