In 100 years, 9 women will deliver a child in a month

Envision a world of interconnectedness, with computing in the cloud, holographic entertainment, electric cars, and perhaps asexually reproduced babies with lifetime updates. Maybe in a hundred years time…

100 years ago was 1911 – life was hard (simple if you read the romantic part of history). Planes were still toys. There was no TV or X-Factor. Rick Dees wasn’t even born then. The concept of the connected meme was still 30+ years into the future. Kids born out of wedlock were called bastards and most women couldn’t even vote. If you wanted to talk to your friend, you simply walked over.

Life wasn’t hard – it was a different universe!

So what about 100 years’ time? Like 2111?

There probably wouldn’t be internet anymore. Everything would just be connected. Maybe there wouldn’t be computers again. I imagine a life where computing is done in the proper cloud. Or if computing manages to stay around, processors would be optical and laptops would have 1Pb memories. Storage wouldn’t be measured in Gigabytes. It wouldn’t be even measured again. Just create content and store and store. Mobile communication devises would be embedded in your body running off your glucose. Probably synching your contacts with your thoughts. Imagine!

Electricity would have gone fully wireless since some dude should have finally cracked cold fusion and sparks are now sent via induction (if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask). You never know, power might even be free.  Free as in you buy a TV and then it comes with free power for life – just like Kindles come with free 3G bandwidth. Or did I mention TV? Maybe that wouldn’t even exist. Talk about immersive entertainment: 100% holographic. 3D should have gone extinct. When you sleep, you can order for a dream.

The concept of marriage must have been thrashed. Now, you just hook up. No need waiting anxiously for 9 months to know what pops out. Just head over to local hospital and upload your DNA (or do it online), mix and match and have a cuddly baby delivered in a week with lifetime access to free updates – updating DNA or access to vaccines for all manners of virus that bad dudes would be inventing.

I know that is what we call health insurance now but then it would be super sexy. A new sex designation is now 20% of the population – people neither male nor female. Don’t be scared, Australia already has that: Male, Female, X! What do we call those; dudes? Head or tail you lose: if you use the male pronoun for them you get sued, if you use the female pronoun, you get punched. Oh, I forgot to add, kids won’t even need dads anymore. Or even mums too. Someone would have discovered asexual reproduction. But then who takes care of child support?

Cars would be fully electric with inbuilt cold fusion engines. 0 – 60mph would be in 2 seconds: Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out! Hypersonic is the only way to fly: Lagos to New York in 1 hour. Someone would be offering beta of teleportation. I’m still wondering what would have become of trains. With cold fusion, Dubai and Abu Dhabi must have gone burst. Too bad, time travel would still remain un-cracked if not we should have seen some of those dudes coming around to show us things. Maybe they are even around, and helped the NTC to neutralize Gadhafi. Maybe not.

Education would have changed. Language would be converging, to Mandarin. A new world order? That is crossed finger discussion. Climate change anarchists would have been discovered as liars. Someone should have hacked the weather – developers would be starting a new rain forest in the Sahara.

You never know, someone could have discovered immortality or a crude alternative to it. There would be a park where dinosaurs would be allowed to roam. There would be total recall, no need to study, you simply can’t forget. Communication would be thought driven and you can back up your mind to the cloud. So if you lose it from a trip on LSD, the local clinic down the road can do a restore.

Those are things that could happen but on the flip side, a virus could have taken over US nuclear arsenals and what is left of us would be some hardy cockroaches (those are the only things that just won’t die a nuclear fallout) starting the slow progress of evolving into another human: 1,000,000,000 years in the making.