Fermi Paradox, Time Travel and my Non-Visiting Grand Children

Recently bored, I found myself reading about Fermi Paradox. You see, quite a lot of scientists believe that there are intelligent beings outside planet earth – we just need to fly out there and shake their hands, if they actually have hands that can be shaken. In fact, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence can trace its roots to 1896 when Nikola Tesla thought radio waves could be used to communicate with badass aliens but then Fermi posited, quite surprisingly, that if aliens really exist then we should have seen them hanging around at the local pub.

By the way, same paradox applies to time travel – if it actually works then I should have seen my grand-children come visiting from the future. Unless they hate me so much, they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me. So, I better changed my lifestyle and be a better dad!

My take is entirely off-tangent. There could be extra-terrestrial intelligence and there might not be. We simply don’t have enough science and technology muscle to lift the lid off the bottle of life.

But what if other lives exist in forms that are so completely different from ours that it is practically impossible to know about them or interact? What if they don’t exists in biological or organic form? What if they are like radio waves? What if they are in a completely different dimension without matter or time? What if the whole universe itself is a life? What if we are not real but just a bunch of random simulations? Where do we go when we die? What is our consciousness made of? Is our mind and personality made from interactions of neurons or the neurons is just an interface to a life-form beyond what we know?

Sounds implausible? Of course not!

Has anyone seen a radio wave before? We didn’t even know about Electromagnetic waves until just a few hundred years ago and yet today all our lives and livelihood depend on it. If we could wake up a dude from the time of Moses, he wouldn’t recognize any of the stuff that makes our daily life – how could Zuckerberg be worth billions without a single cow!

Time I get back to some serious work.