Power supply so good; and then so bad

I don't know if it's just my end alone but of recent the electricity supply from PHCN has been pretty good. In fact too good to be true. But who can satisfy Nigerians? Trust that I still need to gripe about it. Why? Well, it is a bit complicated. I use a prepaid meter and the non-stop electricity supply is zapping my "credit" so fast you could think that the utility meter is a stop watch. To get me even more annoyed, government announced that they are upgrading the prices to N25/KwH soon. Why do we always benchmark cost to other countries but we never do same for minimum wage or roads or rails or [*insert your gripe here*].

I have posted a variation of this table before but things have changed a bit since. The following table shows the price of electricity per Kilowatt Hour across different countries. This should serve as a quick reference to what other guys pay in these countries.

Country $/KwH N/KwH
Kingdom of Tonga 0.4570 73.12
Denmark 0.4289 68.62
Italy 0.3723 59.57
Netherlands 0.3470 55.52
Germany 0.3066 49.06
Philippines 0.2880 46.08
Sweden 0.2734 43.74
Ireland 0.2389 38.22
Spain 0.1950 31.20
France 0.1925 30.80
UK 0.1859 29.74
Croatia 0.1755 28.08
Singapore 0.1734 27.74
Portugal 0.1639 26.22
Nigeria (Proposed) 0.1563 25.00
Hong Kong 0.1230 19.68
Iceland 0.1161 18.58
Belgium 0.1143 18.29
Perú 0.1044 16.70
South Africa 0.1015 16.24
USA 0.0928 14.85
Malaysia 0.0742 11.87
Australia 0.0711 11.38
Finland 0.0695 11.12
Nigeria (Currently) 0.0625 10.00
Canada 0.0618   9.89

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