Web 2.0/Ajax will not save the world

Over the last one year since Jesse James Garette unleashed the Ajax dragon (he didn’t create it, he only gave it a fancy name) everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of how Web 2.0 (whatever that means) and Ajax will save the world. How they will chase the traditional desktop app out of the market. Well, I don’t believe it. It is too much hype.It reminds me of the time XML came and it was touted as the promised lingua franca for all computeroid. We haven’t seen that. Except that we have all settled down to using it for hauling the dirty data everywhere. Despite the fact that Oracle and MS SQL support XML out of the box, we still store and retrieve our data the way we understand.

I guess no technology will succeed for it’s own sake. Technology will succeed when it is able to solve the everyday problems that plagues you and me (get jobs done, put some change in the pocket).

You can read here what some dude thinks about this too.

Author: Adedeji Olowe

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