Interesting Facts about Germany 2006 World Cup

Pool Feed for Broadcasters1
Number of Directors6
PanAmSats used to send HD signal worldwide9
Cities hosting matches12
Panels on current FIFA football14
Distinct feeds produced by HBS per match16
Outside Broadcast Vans20
HD Cameras used to cover each match (per stadium)25
Microphones covering each match25
Length of event (days)31
Nations participating32
Match officials33
Number of matches broadcast in HD for 2002 FIFA World Cup48
Interview studios50
Total matches played64
Number of matches broadcast in HD for 2006 FIFA World Cup64
Presentation studios70
Number of Fujinon HD Lenses deployed100
Worldwide Broadcasters180
Length of audio/video cabling750 km
Unilateral camerapositions800
Length of cabling in total for 12 venues1300 km
First year of the FIFA World Cup1930
Commentary positions2000
HBS staff to produce content2000
Hours of feeds produced2200
Estimated number of press on scene15000
Estimated number of network connections45000
Expected visitors per game40000 – 60000
RFID embedded tickets3.5 million
Cost to sponsor the games$30 to $50 million
Estimated cost of voice and data network deployed by Avaya$100 million
Viewers expected to watch the games5 billion

Source:Audio Video Producer

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