Laptops, why they all stay the same

Apart from the processor war of attrition between Intel and AMD, it seems every OEM has abandoned the laptop market to jump into the tablet war zone.

Every iPad[2] wannabe touts some very decent specs: As of February 2011 dual core Tegra 2/Qualcomm SnapDragon with 1Gb RAM is standard.

But for the laptops? Safe for stuffing new chips inside and changing the color of the casing, nothing new is happening. Dell tried the Adamo super-thin and ultra-sexy line some months back but that offering has been suspended. Lenovo has some neat tricks of its own but nothing mainstream enough to change the direction of the game for everyone.

How come that the same 1.3 Megapixel camera is still standard on laptops since Father Christmas started riding reindeers? Why can’t we have HD cameras as standard? What happened to keypads that glow slightly in the dark? Why can’t we have dual cameras on laptops too – front and back facing with capabilities to record HD. I don’t see them as something to carry around but with video conferencing on wifi, it looks like something nice to have. Multi-touch pad is also a way to go. Too bad that Windows 7 can’t use that trick for now.

But with everyone fixated on the tablets like ants doing laps around sugar, I might have to wait a wee bit longer

Author: Adedeji Olowe

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