Scientists Network Rat Brain. Coming to a Moron Near You

Surprising news this morning. Some mad scientists have been able to network two rats’ brains together. Awesome!

I guess it is a matter of years before that feature is available to the next moron near you. Or maybe if our leaders’ brains can be networked with decent leaders in other countries where things work. Fat chance.

Oh, by the way, the implications are far reaching. Imagine I need to solve a problem, I could tap into a network brain (Amazon Neural Mesh, say) and have the thoughts done and downloaded to my gray mush.

In fact, I could go on holiday while all my critical thoughts are handled by some badass brain somewhere.

Or if I’m out of job, I could rent my brain out for free. But considering some of the evil thoughts I run through every time, I doubt the quality of my output.

Wait, what if a brain freezes?

You think I made this up? Read it here..

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  1. Funso wrote:

    My brain is best for this exercise……… Innovation all the way

    Posted 01 Mar 2013 at 7:57 am

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