The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenge

I’ve been on the AI train for quite a while. Sounds like the next thing humans will do but you never know it may end up like the disappointment genetics ended up being despite the promises of 1990s.

Google AI recently spanked someone at the game of Go, considering that “someone” is one of the best humans at Go, that’s something.

Suddenly everyone is sitting up with many bandying around the belief that there would be Armageddon when machines take over the world. It won’t probably end that way but then who knows? What I know is that AI has been quietly creeping into our daily lives without anyone even noticing. Your smartphones are chuck full of blistering AI technologies. When Siri is bantering about all sorts of rubbish, you think it’s your cousin?

For me the greatest challenge AI can face is being able to analyze video – recorded or live stream.

Before I go into more explanations, AI today can check a picture and identify items in it. Facebook can see a picture and identify all your friends in there. Scary enough? No, hear this: Facebook can identify you from pictures even when your face isn’t visible.

All I want is to have AI watch a video and tell me the plot of the story or watch a live camera feed and tell if something untold is happening. This is beyond facial or material identification, this is AI understanding plot!

At least I can spare myself the horrors of watching Batman V Superman and let the damn AI just tell me it ain’t worth visiting the cinema.

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  1. Infamous Lord Mayor wrote:

    Microsoft unleashed their twitbot and Boys promptly taught the AI a thing or two AI will make headway in some fields and need more time in others. plus with faster networks and computing systems, sometimes what we call AI might just be traditional computing crunching and pushing the data around much faster.
    When a machine reviews a movie like you suggested or comes up with non-plagiarized poetry that’ll melt a hardened Unilag runs-girl heart, then I’ll be real scared and start watching out for T1000s in the streets.

    Posted 27 Mar 2016 at 11:34 am
  2. Chkee's wrote:

    Hmmn….interesting stuff

    Posted 21 Apr 2016 at 7:04 pm

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