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If your employer won’t give you a staff loan, ditch them!

Your employer is probably demanding your arm, legs, and probably one of your kidneys. All fine and good; aren’t we all family? Not so fast: if they can’t do what families do by giving you a decent access to loans when you need it instead of loan sharks swimming around the murky waters of Nigeria, […]

I don’t need my eyes anymore.

Last week, I finally dragged myself to check my eyes out and it was an interesting experience of doubting if I may not need those pairs anymore. You see, my gazing globes have been dimming for a while. It got so bad I was worried I could mistakenly stroll into someone else’s apartment and get […]

10 predictions for digital payments in 2023

2022 was the year that took everyone by surprise – it was the year that soothsayers like me got rapidly defenestrated because, to be frank, our predictions are educated guesses. I’m not sure a thousand random monkeys would have done worse. If someone told me that tech valuations would have such a bad rout, I […]

Making GSI available to every lender would be the CBN’s smartest decision

The biggest mistake CBN has made, despite its commendable and spirited efforts to get credit into the hands of every Nigerian, was to lock out non-CBN licensed lenders from accessing the global standing instruction (GSI) to recover loans. GSI is one of the most powerful and currently impotent tools ever created by CBN to support […]

Hiring is as hard as investing in startups. Maybe harder

Finding the next Facebook, Paystack, or TeamApt as an angel investor is pretty hard. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to reiterate what you probably already know; most startup investments fail! In fact, 90% are duds and maybe only 2 out of 100 investments would be rockstars.  Sadly, hiring, especially for […]