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Mixing Omo with Clean

Akpor asks teacher: Excuse ma, if you mix Omo and klin , will there be foam? Teacher respond: Yes of course, why ask such a stupid question at the beginning of the year, are you going to pass this class at all? Akpor laughs and whisper to the other kids, such a dumb teacher, how […]

Angels without wings

Akpor: Mom you lied to me. Mum: How?. Akpor: You said my brother is a small angel Mum: Yes he is. Akpor: He didn’t fly when I threw him from the balcony. Posted while on the move

Let the weak say I'm strong

The verdict is out. Contrary to the catchphrase “size doesn’t matter,” penis size may matter in bed Study Finds: via @NBCNews   Dr. Ego B. Etta had this to say… Poor people will often say to the rich “money can’t buy happiness”. The guys driving Kia will tell me it’s only a 5-minute difference […]

Akpos Night Drive

Thank God, Akpos finally hammer and buys a new Automatic BMW X6 sport. He drives the car perfectly well during the day, but at night the car just won’t move at all. He tries driving the car at night for a week but still no luck. He then furiously calls the BMW dealers and they […]

Shocked to death

A woman woke up at her own funeral. She was so shocked that she had a heart attack and died.