A Badass Organism called Tardigrade

Think about an animal that could:

  1. Chill in ice up to -200 °C and then come out like it was just a cold shower
  2. Run around in a kettle of water boiling off at 150 °C and pretend it is a lame sauna
  3. Hang around in space without a space suit and still live to tell the story
  4. Go on hunger strike for 120 years and then break the fast like it was just Lent
  5. Go pheasant hunting in the ruins of Chernobyl and make gamma rays look like wussfess

Sincerely, I didn’t make those up. There is a badass organism no one has ever heard about called the Tardigrade. It does all these and a lot more. If only I can do half of that, my swag would have no equal

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