Life is a Soccer Game – Not Over Until the Whistle Blows

Two events over the last few weeks have reinforced one thing for me – it is not over until it’s over.

First Event
The 2014 Champions League Final at Lisbon had two teams from Madrid. It couldn’t have been better for any city – head or tail you win. Athletico Madrid was the underdog and had everyone rooting for them (why do people always root for the underdog?). Game on! They had a lead up till the very last moment then they cracked and Real Madrid scored. Game went to extra time where Athletic got the spanking of their lives.

Second Event
USA vs Portugal at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It is another underdog versus a mid-size dog. It is amazing how the USA could be called an underdog with a straight face; it isn’t often that you have them right under. First they conceded then they matched up and then lead the game. 30 seconds to go, a crack appeared somewhere and Portugal scored.

Lesson Learned
Lessons from these events for me? You hold on till the referee or life blows the final whistle because a moment of laxity can undo everything. Just like running against an escalator – it doesn’t make any difference how long you ran, once you stop, you go back to square one. In fact you could be worse off since you already expended some energy.