Rich Folks? Don't visit them no more…

Someone sent this to me and it’s pretty funny.


Below was an encounter with a rich friend during a visit to his house sometime

Question: “What would you like to have …Fruit juice, Soda, Tea, Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee?”
Answer: “Tea please.”
Question : “Ceylon tea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Iced tea or green tea ?”
Answer : “Ceylon tea.”
Question : “How would you like it ? black or white?”

Answer: “White.”
Question: “Milk, Whitener, or Condensed milk?”
Answer: “With milk.”
Question: “Goat milk, Camel milk or cow milk?”
Answer: “With cow milk please. br/>Question: ” Milk from Freeze land cow or Afrikaner cow?”
Answer:”Um,I’ll take it black.”
Question: “Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?”
Answer: “With sugar.”
Question: “Beet sugar or cane sugar?”
Answer: “Cane sugar.”
Question:”White, brown or yellow sugar?”
Answer: “Ooh, Forget about tea just give me a glass of water instead.”
Question: “Mineral water or still water?”
Answer: “Mineral water.”
Question: “Flavoured or non-flavoured ?”
Answer: “Leave it I’m OK”.
I simply got up and left.

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