The time has come for a Macbook Pro

Having endured years of stupidly designed and pretty ugly laptops, I finally decided to opt for a Mac Pro. I am thinking of something black, shining and sexy. Just like an African Queen. Presently I use a HP NC6120 with 1Gig of memory but it is so ugly it makes me feel like puking. And the Windows XP Pro on it makes me feel like crying when it’s time to act up.
Hmmm, a Macbook Pro? Where do I get that I Nigeria? Heard one could get one at PC Outlet at The Palms but am sure they probably gonna rob me blind. And my experience in bringing in foreign gears, as far as warranty is concerned, has been very far from pleasant. I once sacrificed a HP NX9500 (when it was pretty expensive and hip) because it didn’t come with an international warranty.

This would be an expensive treat for me, but don’t I deserve it?

But first thing first, lemmie go raise the dough….

Author: dejiolowe

Adédèjì is the founder of Lendsqr, the loan infrastructure fintech powering lenders at scale. Before this, he led Trium Limited, the corporate VC of the Coronation Group, which invested in Woven Finance, Sparkle Bank, Clane, and L1ght, amongst others. He has almost two decades of banking experience, including stints as the Divisional Head of Electronic Banking at Fidelity Bank Plc. He drove the turnaround of the bank’s digital business. He was previously responsible for United Bank for Africa Group’s payment card business across 19 countries. Alongside other industry veterans, he founded Open Banking Nigeria, the nonprofit driving the development and adoption of a common API standard for the Nigerian financial industry. Beyond open APIs, Adédèjì works deeply within the fintech ecosystem; he’s the board chairman at Paystack. Adédèjì is a renowned fintech pundit and has been blogging on technology and payments at since 2001.

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