Stella Felix in Space? People can be dumb ass!

News have been going around that Nigeria, at last, has hurtled someone into space. In this case, a nubile 17 year old girl called Stella Felix. When I first heard it, I didn’t believe it and everyone called me a damned cynic. Duh!From a commonsense point of view and a little background knowledge, NASA will never haul a teenager’s arse to space. Neither do they do that for old geezers. All because of the extreme physical fitness that is required. And it takes years of training before you ever get a shot at reaching the stars.

From my investigation, what Stella experienced is called Zero Gravity Flight. Which is a space simulation done by flying a plane to high altitude and descending at a rate that makes the passengers to feel weightless. It is all physics (Sorry, I miss the class when the calculations were explained).

So to the dumb ass people who spread wrong stories, yeah, Stella went to space!

Read here at Space Week

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