Bummer by Midsummer?

Microsoft acquisition of Nokia looks like a very bad deal. Nothing good has come from Ballmer and Stephen Elop. This may not be different. I predict that Nokia would be the loser for this.

How does it feel, as the CEO of a company, when another company associates with you and everyone screams, losers? That shouldn’t be too far from the disgust Steve Ballmer must have felt skipping back to Seattle this evening.

Today, Nokia finally let the cat of the bag, announcing the hook-up with Redmond but the market reacted to the news negatively. It stripped 10% off the share price before you could wink twice. Apart from someone in my business class, everyone feels Microsoft has just supplied the nails to pin Nokia firmly into its coffin.

No doubt, Nokia lost its mojo, and this can’t be better explained than the burning platform parable made by Stephen Elop.

I wouldn’t mind to add my outcry to this but then maybe a little bit of restrain makes sense at this time. Both guys ain’t idiots but I’m not saying they are smart either. Time will tell: In the mobile world, 1 year is like 1,000 years. By midsummer, we should know if Ballmer has made Nokia a bummer.

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Author: Adedeji Olowe

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